Learn To Sell

A Simple Guide to How to Sell and Adding Products on Sesaia.com

First, let’s define the four different types of products you can setup on Sesaia: simple, variable, grouped, and external/affiliate product.

Simple Products

Simple products have one SKU, are shipped, and have no variations/options. For example, a book.

Variable Products

Variable products can have multiple variations/options, each of which may have a different SKU or price. For example, a piece of clothing that is available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Grouped Products

Grouped products are related products that can be purchased individually. Note that, grouped products can only consist of simple products. For example, an iPhone could be a grouped product as there are 8GB, 16GB, etc. variations of that same product parent.

External/Affiliate Products

External or affiliate products are ones that you list/display on your website but they are sold elsewhere.


For ease of use, We recommend you always select simple products when listing your products.

Login to sesaia with your vendor account information and click Vendor dashboard, in your account section.

In the vendor dashboard sidebar menu, hover over the products menu item and click and new. Like wise you can just click the box icon to add new products

  1. Select the product type, we recommend a simple product.
  2. Enter a product title, The name of the product.
  3. Price is the regular price, the sale price is the amount you wish to sell for the product. the sale price is usually lower than the regular/market price.
  4. Product Image: This is the primary image of your product. It will be used for the thumbnail, catalog, and as the first image on your product page.
  5. Product Gallery: Product gallery images will show up as small thumbnails next to your main product image described previously. Product galleries, for example, could be used for alternate views of your product.
  1. Product Short Description: The short description typically appears next your product image on its page. Use this for a brief overview of your product. Save details for the long description.
  2. Product Categories : Select the category under the product you are listing falls.
  3. Product Categories Brand: select existing or add your product brand, of manufacturer.
  1. Product Description: The long description is the full details of the product, all the information about the product. Visit our templates page to copy and fill in your product description features depending on the category, https://sessaia.com/description-templates
  2. Product Tags: keywords or key phrases, add in relation to your product. tags could be the brand name, genderand many more, you can add the tads or select from the many already used by other stores.
    1. Stock Keeping Unit or SKU:  is a number that is assigned to a product for the purpose of inventory management and ease of record-keeping.
    2. Manage stock: Tick manage stock option so the system can automatically mage stock for you, remind when stock is running low or even out of stock.
    4. Sold Individually: Select if you want one item sold per order, leave you can sale in bulk.


Enter the weight, dimensions, and shipping class (if applicable) of your product here. The weight and dimensions of your product are required when using table rate shipping or shipping extensions that use this information to calculate rates. Leave it blank to use the stock settings on the variable product’s

Choose your delivery time if you offer shipping of the products you sell here at sesaia.com


To create a variable product, an attribute must first be defined for the product. These attributes can then be used to make a distinction between different variations.

For example, if you’re selling clothing, two logical attributes are “color” and “size”, so people can search across categories for a color that fits their style and type and clothing available in their size.

Select from the lost of available attribute that suit your product or add attribute to your product if not in the list

Linked Products: Here you can add up-sells and cross-sells to your product, which is a great way to drive extra sales and increase revenue

Up-sell: Up-sells are displayed on the product details page and encourage visitors to view other products. Think, “You May Also Like…”. An example of an up-sell would be to offer some of your other Products.

Cross-sell: Related product to the product your listing but not similar

Policy Tab Label:  Put your Shop name and policy eg. Sesaia Policies.

Shipping policy: enter your shop shipping policies.

Refund Policy: Enter your refund policy.

Cancellation Policy: enter your cancelation policy.

Leave blank for Sesaia policies to take charge/overrule

Store reviews are enabled by default,

Purchase Note: Enter assurances for the customer and or you can put coupon codes generated in your store under coupons tab here.

You can click the draft button to edit later or if you feel satisfied with the information entered for your project listing, click submit, your product will be visible in shop, categories, tags, brands sections of the marketplace.