Payment Methods

How to Pay

It is important to choose the best payment option for your buyers so as to boost their confidence. So when your selling, put the buyers perspective when selecting your desired payment option.

Cash on Delivery ( C.O.D )

Payment of the item is received at the time of delivery. The buyer can choose to pay by cash, or cheque, depending on what form of payment the delivery service accepts, or if the seller personally delivers the item. This option is also applicable for meetups between buyer and seller.

Mobile Money

Mobile Money

The payment of the item is made on cash out or still at the delivery point depending at what form of mobile money option the delivery service, seller accepts or even in cases where the seller delivers the item. This option is also available for meetups between seller and buyer.

Bank Transfer

Bank transfer or wire transfer, buyers deposit payment directly into the seller’s bank account either online or at most banks. we recommends using this option as a safe method of payment for domestic transactions.


SpaikCoin is a payment smart contract currently built on Ethereum Blockchain, it is used a Gift and reward system on sesaia. Spaikcoin is open source and can be accepted by anyone. You can use your gift coins to purchase products where Spaikcoin is Accepted.


 In case of a refund for purchases made With SpaikCoin, a refund is acceptable even when SpaikCoin is a gift, transaction fees shall be deducted however.